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Berlin-Alexanderplatz - Die Geschichte Franz Biberkopfs
Year: 1931
Genre: Crime / Drama
Rating: (6.7)
Country: Germany
Runtime: 0 min.
Director: Phil Jutzi
Studio: Allianz Tonfilm GmbH
Cast: Heinrich George / Margarete Schlegel / Gerhard Bienert / Paul Westermeier / Käthe Haack / Julius Falkenstein / Jakob Tiedtke / Karel Stepanek / Maria Bard / Bernhard Minetti / Albert Florath / Oskar Höcker / Hans Deppe / Siegfried Berisch / Arthur Mainzer
Franz Biberkopf has served four years in prison. His return to normal life is not successful. The thug Reinhold wants Biberkopf to join his gang. When that fails, Reinhold involves him against his will in a crime. While Franz protest to this, Reinhold pushes him out of the car. Franz is seriously injured and loses an arm. After his recovery, he works voluntarily for Reinhold. For a short time Franz lives a life of luxury.
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