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Year: 1991
Genre: Drama
Rating: (5.7)
Country: Italy
Runtime: 99 min.
Director: Tinto Brass
Studio: Scena Group
Cast: Debora Caprioglio / Martine Brochard / John Steiner / Riccardo Garrone / Paul Muller / Clarita Gatto / Stéphane Ferrara / Stéphane Bonnet / Rossana Gavinel / Renzo Rinaldi / Nina Soldano / Clara Algranti / Luciana Cirenei / Valentine Demy / Luigi Laezza
In 1950s Italy, just before the ban of brothels, Mimma, a young and innocent country girl, reluctantly accepts to work as a prostitute and become Paprika, in the hope of raising enough money to finance her boyfriend. However, before long, Paprika will learn to enjoy her disreputable, yet very profitable occupation, working her way up one client at a time, as she journeys from one brothel to another in the bustling city of Rome. But in the end, despite Paprika's stormy, still, prosperous voyage of self-discovery, experience and sexual liberation, there is still one thing missing: the great mystery of true love.
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