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Desire Me
Year: 1947
Genre: Drama / Romance / War
Rating: (6.1)
Country: USA
Runtime: 91 min.
Director: Jack Conway
Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Cast: Greer Garson / Robert Mitchum / Richard Hart / Morris Ankrum / George Zucco / David Hoffman / Florence Bates / Clinton Sundberg / Harry Woods / Cecil Humphreys
Shortly after WWII, flashbacks tell the story of Marise, her husband Paul, and Jean, who was imprisoned with Paul in a German camp. While attempting to escape from the camp Paul is shot, and Jean goes to see Marise, confirming the news she had gotten already about Paul's death. Jean has fallen in love with Marise through the stories Paul told him, and wants to stay with her in the seaside town in Brittany where Paul owned a small business.
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