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Mom and Dad
Year: 2017
Genre: Comedy / Horror / Thriller
Rating: (5.5)
Country: USA / UK
Runtime: 86 min.
Director: Brian Taylor
Studio: Armory Films
Cast: Nicolas Cage / Selma Blair / Anne Winters / Zackary Arthur / Robert T. Cunningham / Olivia Crocicchia / Lance Henriksen / Samantha Lemole / Joseph D. Reitman / Rachel Melvin / Bobby Richards / Brionne Davis / Marilyn Dodds Frank / Sharon Gee / Edwin Lee Gibson
Definitely something terrible is happening on in the peaceful suburban community as, one day to another, former loving and caring parents mysteriously turn into ravenous carriers of an unfathomable pandemic that targets their offspring. Suddenly, every son and daughter (not only in the neighborhood but also in the entire nation) must to run for their lives, as the rage-filled murderous intent is simply as unstoppable as it is inexplicable. Of course, Brent and Kendall's teenage children are no exception, and before long, the simmering but usual familial tensions will take a completely different meaning. Kids, stop hiding. Mum and Dad love you so much.
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