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The Invisible Woman
Year: 2013
Genre: Biography / Drama / History / Romance
Rating: (6.2)
Country: UK
Runtime: 111 min.
Director: Ralph Fiennes
Studio: Taeoo Entertainment
Cast: Felicity Jones / John Kavanagh / Tom Burke / David Collings / Michael Marcus / Kristin Scott Thomas / Perdita Weeks / Ralph Fiennes / Mark Dexter / Tom Attwood / Susanna Hislop / Tommy Curson-Smith / Richard McCabe / Gabriel Vick / Joseph Paxton
In the 1850s, Ellen Ternan is a minimally talented actress who catches the eye of the hailed British author, Charles Dickens. Bored with his intellectually unstimulating wife, Dickens takes the educated Ellen as his mistress with the cooperation of her mother. What follows is a stormy relationship with this literary giant who provides her with a life few women of her time can enjoy. Yet, Ellen is equally revolted by Charles' emotional cruelty and determination to keep her secret. In that conflict, Ellen must judge her own role in her life and decide if the price she pays is bearable.
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