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Black Snake Moan
Year: 2006
Genre: Drama / Music
Rating: (6.9)
Country: USA
Runtime: 116 min.
Director: Craig Brewer
Studio: Paramount Vantage
Cast: Samuel L. Jackson / Christina Ricci / Justin Timberlake / S. Epatha Merkerson / John Cothran / David Banner / Michael Raymond-James / Adriane Lenox / Kim Richards / Leonard L. Thomas / Clare Grant / Neimus K. Williams / Ruby Wilson / Claude Phillips / Amy Lavere
In rural Tennessee, Lazarus, a former blues musician who survives by truck farming, finds a young girl nearly beaten to death near his home. She's the white-trash town tramp, molded by a life of sexual abuse at the hands of her father and verbal abuse from her mother, who seems to delight in reminding Rae of her mistake in not aborting her. Lazarus, who is also facing personal crisis at the dissolution of his marriage, nurses Rae back to health, providing her with gentle, fatherly advice as well as an education in blues music. Rae's boyfriend, Ronnie, goaded by the man who nearly beat Rae to death, misunderstands the relationship between Lazarus and Rae, and vows to kill him. Lazarus, exhibiting a street-smart understanding of violence and its motives, calls Ronnie's bluff, senses that he is as troubled as Rae, and becomes a guiding force in the young couple's resurrection.
There Will Be Blood
Year: 2007
Genre: Drama
Rating: (8.2)
Country: USA
Runtime: 158 min.
Director: Paul Thomas Anderson
Studio: Paramount Vantage
Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis / Barry Del Sherman / Paul F. Tompkins / Dillon Freasier / Kevin Breznahan / Jim Meskimen / Randall Carver / Coco Leigh / Martin Stringer / Matthew Braden Stringer / Jacob Stringer / Joseph Mussey / Harrison Taylor / Stockton Taylor / Erica Sullivan
The intersecting life stories of Daniel Plainview and Eli Sunday in early twentieth century California is presented. Miner turn oilman Daniel Plainview is a driven man who will do whatever it takes to achieve his goals. He works hard but he also takes advantage of those around him at their expense if need be. His business partner is his son H.W., who in reality he "acquired" when H.W.'s biological single father, who worked on one of Daniel's rigs, got killed in a workplace accident. Daniel is deeply protective of H.W. if only for what H.W. brings to the partnership. Eli Sunday is one in a pair of twins, whose family farm Daniel purchases for the major oil deposit located on it. Eli, the local preacher and a self-proclaimed faith healer, wants the money from the sale of the property to finance his own church. The lives of the two competitive men often clash as Daniel pumps oil off the property and tries to acquire all the surrounding land at bargain prices to be able to build a ...
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