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King Kong Lives
Year: 1986
Genre: Action / Adventure
Rating: (3.9)
Country: USA
Runtime: 105 min.
Director: John Guillermin
Set: King Kong (Remake) Collection
Studio: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG)
Cast: Peter Elliott / Brian Kerwin / Linda Hamilton / John Ashton / Peter Michael Goetz / Debbie McLeod / George Antoni / Frank Maraden / Alan Sader / Lou Criscuolo / Marc Clement / Richard Rhodes / Larry Souder / Ted Prichard / Jayne Gray
A giant ape King Kong, which was shot and fell off the World Trade Center tower, appears to be alive, but is in coma for 10 years and desperately needs a blood transfusion in order to have an artificial heart implanted. Suddenly, in the rainforest, another gigantic ape is found - this time a female. She is brought to the USA, and the heart is successfully implanted. But then King Kong, having sensed the female ape, breaks loose.
Maximum Overdrive
Year: 1986
Genre: Action / Comedy / Horror / Sci-Fi
Rating: (5.5)
Country: USA
Runtime: 98 min.
Director: Stephen King
Studio: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG)
Cast: Emilio Estevez / Pat Hingle / Laura Harrington / Yeardley Smith / John Short / Ellen McElduff / J.C. Quinn / Christopher Murney / Holter Graham / Frankie Faison / J. Don Ferguson / Pat Miller / Jack Canon / Larry Parks / John Brasington
When Earth passes through the tail of Rea-M rogue comet, the machines come to life and start to kill mankind. A group of survivors is under siege from fierce trucks at the Dixie Boy truck stop gas station and they have to fight to survive.
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