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Creepshow 3
Year: 2006
Genre: Comedy / Fantasy / Horror
Rating: (3.1)
Country: USA
Runtime: 0 min.
Director: Ana Clavell
Set: Creepshow Collection
Studio: Creepy Film Productions
Cast: Stephanie Pettee / Roy Abramsohn / Susan Schramm / Bunny Gibson / Nathan Kirkland / Selma Pinkard / Robert Gonzalez / Rami Rank / Matt Fromm / Kalena Knox / Brian Jacobs / Leonardo Millán / Margarita Lugo / Simon Burzynski / Derek Schachter
"Alice": The suburban Alice is an annoying teenager that does not like the neighborhood where she lives. When her father uses a universal remote control developed by Professor Dayton, she moves to other dimensions with other families and when she returns, she's transformed into a rabbit, and is forgotten by her family. "The Radio": The security guard Jerry buys a radio developed by Professor Dayton from a street vendor. The radio talks to him and gives instructions to steal US$ 300,000.00 from a criminal, kill a couple of smalltime crook neighbors and move to another city. When Jerry decides to bring the prostitute Eva with him, he seals his fate, when he destroys the radio and has a tragic surprise. "Call Girl": Rachel's a call-girl and serial killer. When she's hired by the weird Victor, she kills him while having sex, but later, she finds the truth about the odd teenager. "The Professor's Wife": Professor Dayton invites his two best former students to introduce his fiancée Kathy in...
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