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Sans famille
Year: 1934
Rating: (6.8)
Country: France
Runtime: 114 min.
Director: Marc Allégret
Studio: Société Agatos
Cast: Vanni Marcoux / Robert Lynen / Madeleine Guitty / Aimé Clariond / Jeanne Bérangère / Dorville / Claire Gérard / Georges Vitray / Pierre Darteuil / Odette Laigre / André Laurens / G. Dumas / Paul Elambert / Lou Chihoukoff / Paulette Élambert
The story begins in England:a wicked uncle wants to latch on to the Mulligan heritage and has got to get rid of all the male heirs;one of them-the other is a sick child called Arthur-Remi was to be killed by the kidnapper who took pity on him and entrusted him to the Barberin's safekeeping in France. Safekeeping? If the woman (Mere Barberin) is a loving mom,who makes crepes for her fostered kid,her husband is a crude brute ,whose affairs in Paris went wrong and left him an embittered man ,who does not want another mouth to feed;thus he sells Rémy to a busker who takes the boy on all the roads of the country with his troupe of animals :three dogs and a monkey.
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