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Year: 1991
Genre: Drama
Rating: (5.6)
Country: Italy
Runtime: 99 min.
Director: Tinto Brass
Studio: Scena Group
Cast: Debora Caprioglio / Martine Brochard / John Steiner / Riccardo Garrone / Paul Muller / Clarita Gatto / Stéphane Ferrara / Stéphane Bonnet / Rossana Gavinel / Renzo Rinaldi / Nina Soldano / Clara Algranti / Luciana Cirenei / Valentine Demy / Luigi Laezza
In 1950s Italy, just before the ban of brothels, Mimma, an inexperienced country girl, reluctantly accepts to work as a prostitute. And, just like that, the once-innocent woman becomes Paprika, in high hopes of raising enough money to finance her good-for-nothing boyfriend. Before long, Paprika will learn to enjoy her disreputable still very profitable occupation, working her way up, one client at a time, as she journeys from one brothel to another in the bustling city of Rome. However, despite Paprika's stormy but prosperous voyage of self-discovery, experience, and sexual liberation, there is still one thing missing in her seemingly full life: unearthing the great mystery of true love. Is Paprika meant to experience a passionate romance?
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