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Les yeux sans visage
Year: 1960
Genre: Drama / Horror
Rating: (7.7)
Country: France / Italy
Runtime: 90 min.
Director: Georges Franju
Studio: Lux Film
Cast: Pierre Brasseur / Alida Valli / Juliette Mayniel / Alexandre Rignault / Béatrice Altariba / Charles Blavette / Claude Brasseur / Yvette Etiévant / René Génin / Edith Scob / Michel Etcheverry / Lucien Hubert / Marcel Pérès / François Guérin
After causing an accident that left his daughter Christiane severely disfigured, the brilliant surgeon Dr. Génessier works tirelessly to give the girl a new face. He does so however by kidnapping young women and attempting face transplants. He has been woefully unsuccessful to date. The doctor's world begins to collapse around him when his daughter realizes just what he has been doing.
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