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Gymnoi sto hioni
Year: 1974
Genre: Drama / Romance
Rating: (6.2)
Country: Greece
Runtime: 90 min.
Director: George Zervoulakos
Studio: Kiklos Film
Cast: Aimilia Ypsilanti / Christo Spyropoulos / Aliki Zanou / Eleni Dakoronia / Dimitris Zakinthinos / Toula Drakou / Nikos Vandoros / Dimitri Aronis / Kostas Rigas / Robert Behling / Eleni Vitali
Somewhere at a steep slope of snow-capped Mount Pelion, the dedicated author and folklorist, Eliza Vlami, unearths the cold, half-buried body of a young escaped convict. On the brink of demise, the wounded man escapes death by the skin of his teeth thanks to Eliza's meticulous care, and before long, a passionate love affair begins. However, with the police hot on the trail of the elusive fugitive, the sudden arrival of Eliza's beautiful daughter, Agni, will further complicate matters, disrupting the fragile balance of things. Now, as Christmas Eve is just around the corner, a secret youthful romance threatens to put in jeopardy the already tense relationship between the mother and the daughter, as bitter jealousy starts to take over. Can Eliza walk away from this dangerous forbidden love?
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