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El retorno de Walpurgis
Year: 1973
Genre: Horror
Rating: (5.6)
Country: Spain / Mexico
Runtime: 81 min.
Director: Carlos Aured
Studio: Lotus Films
Cast: Paul Naschy / Mariano Vidal Molina / Maritza Olivares / José Manuel Martín / María Silva / Eduardo Calvo / Fernando Sánchez Polack / Santiago Rivero / Fabiola Falcón / Elsa Zabala / Ana Farra / Inés Morales / Pilar Vela / José Yepes / Ana Maria Rossie
The great inquisitor Ireneus Daninsky has Countess Bathory burned alive and her female followers hanged. Before perishing in the flames the countess puts a curse on Daninsky and his descendants. Four centuries later, Waldemar Daninsky accidentally shoots a gypsy while hunting a wolf. The angry gypsies, who knew of the curse, summon up the Satan and the beautiful Ilona is chosen to seduce the young lord. During a night of love, Ilona bites Waldemar who turns into a werewolf killing his preys on full moon nights. His murders are first attributed to a mad killer escaped from the asylum. Waldemar, who suspects the killer is none other than himself, falls in love with Kinga, the daughter of a professor from Budapest. When Maria, Kinga's jealous younger sister, manages to seduce Waldemar and sleep with him, she is killed by the young man, once again turned into a werewolf.
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