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Pote tin Kyriaki
Year: 1960
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Rating: (7.4)
Country: Greece
Runtime: 91 min.
Director: Jules Dassin
Studio: MelinaFilm
Cast: Melina Mercouri / Jules Dassin / Giorgos Foundas / Titos Vandis / Mitsos Ligizos / Despo Diamantidou / Dimos Starenios / Dimitris Papamichael / Alexis Solomos / Aleka Katselli / Faidon Georgitsis / Giorgos Foras / Nikos Fermas / Giannis Fermis / Hristoforos Zikas
Beautiful and corrupt, sociable and sensitive, Ilya, an independent, happy-go-lucky streetwalker in the bustling Port of Piraeus, is the talk of the town. Intrigued by her character, the love-smitten American intellectual and amateur philosopher, Homer Thrace, sets his sights on becoming Ilya's Pygmalion, and in the process, attempt to explain the decline of the great Ancient Greek civilisation. Of course--as Ilya belongs to no one, and the handsome Greek-Italian dockhand, Tonio, is bent on winning her heart--this is a challenging task, especially when proud Ilya swears that she leads a full and exciting life. Now, the romantic philhellene has two short weeks to accomplish his task. Will he learn a thing or two about life, and maybe, just maybe, find the secret of happiness?
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