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Filter: Studio » Greca Film Lefakis
Year: 1980
Genre: Crime / Drama
Rating: (7.3)
Country: Greece
Runtime: 87 min.
Director: Pavlos Tasios
Studio: Greca Film Lefakis
Cast: Antonis Antoniou / Vicky Vanita / Giorgos Kotanidis / Nikitas Tsakiroglou / Themis Bazaka / Yannis Bostantzoglou / Nikos Katomeris / Antonis Kafetzopoulos / Katerina Gogou / Sofia Roubou / Olia Lazaridou / Giorgos Zorbas / Menelaos Daflos / Vaso Alexandridou / Giorgos Kovaios
Athens, February 25, 1973. During the turbulent years of the Greek Junta, two brothers--Nikos, a former convict, and his younger brother, Dimos--along with a friend and their women decide to have a night out at a noisy honky-tonk joint. Amid decayed divas, acrid cigarette smoke, and plain-clothes police officers, the siblings will soon find themselves in a very tight spot, as a cynical provocation fuelled by a towering machismo will lead, inevitably, to a downward spiral of blind violence. And in the grotesque shadows, a gleaming switch-blade demands massacre.
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