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Jailhouse Rock
Year: 1957
Genre: Drama / Music / Musical
Rating: (6.6)
Country: USA
Runtime: 96 min.
Director: Richard Thorpe
Studio: Avon Productions (II)
Cast: Elvis Presley / Mickey Shaughnessy / Vaughn Taylor / Dean Jones / Anne Neyland / Judy Tyler / Jennifer Holden / Norm Johnson
Vince Everett is serving a one-year jail sentence for manslaughter. While in the big house, his cellmate, a former country singer, introduces him to the record business. Everett takes to it so well that he decides to become a singer when he gets out. However, he is quickly disillusioned by the record business. But with the help of a new friend, he decides to form his own label, and soon becomes an overnight sensation. But when he becomes a superstar, will his desire for fame and money cause him to forget the people who got him there?
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