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Ai no korîda
Year: 1976
Genre: Drama / Romance
Rating: (6.6)
Country: Japan / France
Runtime: 109 min.
Director: Nagisa Ôshima
Studio: Argos Films
Cast: Tatsuya Fuji / Eiko Matsuda / Taiji Tonoyama / Kyôji Kokonoe / Akiko Koyama / Aoi Nakajima / Yasuko Matsui / Meika Seri / Kanae Kobayashi / Naomi Shiraishi / Shinkichi Noda / Komikichi Hori / Kikuhei Matsunoya / Yuriko Azuma / Rei Minami
Based on a true story set in pre-war Japan, a man and one of his servants begin a torrid affair. Their desire becomes a sexual obsession so strong that to intensify their ardor, they forsake all, even life itself.
Hiroshima mon amour
Year: 1959
Genre: Drama / Romance
Rating: (7.9)
Country: France / Japan
Runtime: 90 min.
Director: Alain Resnais
Studio: Argos Films
Cast: Emmanuelle Riva / Eiji Okada / Bernard Fresson / Stella Dassas / Pierre Barbaud
A French woman and a Japanese man have an affair while she is in Japan making a film about peace and the impact of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, The man, an architect, lost his family in the bombing. She recalls her lover during the war, a 23 year-old German soldier who later died. Despite the time they spend together, her attachment appears minimal and they go forward into the future.
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