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Filter: Studio » Goodtimes Enterprises
Year: 1975
Genre: Biography / Comedy / Music / Musical
Rating: (6.3)
Country: UK
Runtime: 103 min.
Director: Ken Russell
Studio: Goodtimes Enterprises
Cast: Roger Daltrey / Paul Nicholas / Ringo Starr / Rick Wakeman / John Justin / Fiona Lewis / Veronica Quilligan / Nell Campbell / Anulka Dziubinska / Sara Kestelman / Andrew Reilly / David English / Imogen Claire / Rikki Howard / David Corti
A send-up of the bawdy life of Romantic composer and piano virtuoso Franz Liszt (Roger Daltrey), with ubiquitous phallic imagery and a good portion of the movie devoted to Liszt's "friendship" with fellow composer Richard Wagner (Paul Nicholas). This movie begins during the time when Franz would give piano performance to a crowd of shrieking teenage fans while maintaining affairs with his mistresses. He eventually seeks Princess Carolyn of St. Petersburg (Sara Kestelman) (at her invitation), elopes, and, after their marriage is forbidden by the Pope (Sir Ringo Starr), he embraces the monastic life as an abbé.
Year: 1974
Genre: Biography / Drama / Music
Rating: (7)
Country: UK
Runtime: 115 min.
Director: Ken Russell
Studio: Goodtimes Enterprises
Cast: Robert Powell / Georgina Hale / Lee Montague / Miriam Karlin / Rosalie Crutchley / Richard Morant / Antonia Ellis / Ronald Pickup / Peter Eyre / Dana Gillespie / George Coulouris / David Collings / Gary Rich / Angela Down / Arnold Yarrow
Both trifles and structure are tossed out the door by director Ken Russell in this film. Here, historical content matters not so much as metaphors, feelings, emotions, and interpretations, and pay close attention, as every word and frame is intended to be important. The film takes place on a single train ride, in which the sickly composer Gustav Mahler and his wife, Alma, confront the reasons behind their faltered marriage and dying love. Each word seems to evoke memories of past, and so the audience witnesses events of Mahler's life that explain somewhat his present state. Included are his turbulent and dysfunctional family life as a child, his discovery of solace in the "natural" world, his brother's suicide, his [unwanted] conversion from Judiasm to Catholicism, his rocky marriage and the death of their young child. The movie weaves in and out of dreams, flashbacks, thoughts and reality as Russell poetically describes the man behind the music.
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