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The Holding
Year: 2011
Genre: Thriller
Rating: (4.7)
Country: UK
Runtime: 89 min.
Director: Susan Jacobson
Studio: Gateway Films
Cast: David Bradley / Vincent Regan / Kierston Wareing / Terry Stone / Georgia Groome / Jake Curran / Skye Lourie / Eileen Davies / Mark Harris / Christopher Brand / Jarrod Cooke / David Hobbs / Maisie Lloyd / Gregory Oliver
In the countryside of England, lonely farmer Nancy raises her daughters Hanna and Amy with financial difficulties in her farm with her only employee Cooper since her husband has disappeared a long time ago. Her neighbor Karsten and his son intend to buy her farm and are pressing the family in an abusive way. Out of the blue, wanderer Aden appears in the farm and helps Nancy with the delivery of the offspring. Aden explains that he was a friend of her husband Dean in an offshore rig and he offers to work for food and lodging. Nancy accepts the offer and soon she has a love affair with Aden. But either Nancy or Aden have dark secrets.
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