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O thiasos
Year: 1975
Genre: Drama / History / Music / War
Rating: (8)
Country: Greece
Runtime: 230 min.
Director: Theodoros Angelopoulos
Studio: Giorgos Papalios Productions
Cast: Eva Kotamanidou / Vangelis Kazan / Aliki Georgouli / Kiriakos Katrivanos / Stratos Pahis / Nina Papazaphiropoulou / Giannis Fyrios / Maria Vassiliou / Grigoris Evangelatos / Petros Zarkadis / Kosta Stiliaris / Nena Menti / Giorgos Mazis / Costas Messaris / Alekos Boubis
A group of traveling players peregrinates through Greece attempting to perform the popular erotic drama Golfo The Shepherdess. In a first level the film focuses on the historical events between 1939 and 1952 as they are experienced by the traveling players and as they affect the villages which they visit: The last year of Metaxas' fascist dictatorship, the war against the Italians, the Nazi occupation, the liberation, the civil war between left and right wingers, the British and American interventionism in the Greek politics. In a second level the characters live their own drama of jealousy and betrayal, with its roots in the ancient myth of the House of Atreus. Agamemnon, a Greek refugee from Minor Asia, goes to war against the Italians in 1940, joins the resistance against the Germans, and is executed by them after being betrayed by Clytemnestra and Aegisthos. Aegisthos, Clytemnestra's lover, is an informer and collaborator working with the German occupiers. Orestes, son of ...
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