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August Rush
Year: 2007
Genre: Drama / Music
Rating: (7.5)
Country: USA
Runtime: 114 min.
Director: Kirsten Sheridan
Studio: CJ Entertainment
Cast: Freddie Highmore / Keri Russell / Jonathan Rhys Meyers / Terrence Howard / Robin Williams / William Sadler / Marian Seldes / Mykelti Williamson / Leon Thomas III / Aaron Staton / Alex O'Loughlin / Jamia Simone Nash / Ronald Guttman / Bonnie McKee / Michael Drayer
Lyla Novacek (Keri Russell) is a cellist studying at the Juilliard School and living under strict rule of her father (William Sadler). Louis Connelly (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is the lead singer of "The Connelly Brothers", an Irish rock band. Lyla and Louis meet at a party after their respective concerts, and have a sexual encounter on the rooftop. The day after, they separate in a hurry, and are unable to maintain contact as Lyla is ushered away by her father to Chicago. Lyla is also aware that she is pregnant. Later, when in New York City, after an argument with her father over her unborn child, she is struck by a car. Due to the accident trauma, she gives birth prematurely, and her father secretly puts the baby boy up for adoption under her name, allowing Lyla to believe that her son died. Eleven years later, Evan Taylor (Freddie Highmore) is living in a boys' orphanage outside New York City, where he meets Richard Jeffries (Terrence Howard), a social worker with Child and Family ...
Year: 2019
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Thriller
Rating: (8.6)
Country: South Korea
Runtime: 132 min.
Director: Bong Joon Ho
Studio: CJ Entertainment
Cast: Kang-ho Song / Sun-kyun Lee / Yeo-jeong Jo / Woo-sik Choi / So-dam Park / Jeong-eun Lee / Hye-jin Jang / Myeong-hoon Park / Ji-so Jung / Hyun-jun Jung / Keun-rok Park / Ik-han Jung / Jeong Esuz / Jo Jae-Myeong / Kim Gyu Baek
The Kims - mother and father Chung-sook and Ki-taek, and their young adult offspring, son Ki-woo and daughter Ki-jung - are a poor family living in a shabby and cramped half basement apartment in a busy lower working class commercial district of Seoul. Without even knowing it, they, especially Mr. and Mrs. Kim, literally smell of poverty. Often as a collective, they perpetrate minor scams to get by, and even when they have jobs, they do the minimum work required. Ki-woo is the one who has dreams of getting out of poverty by one day going to university. Despite not having that university education, Ki-woo is chosen by his university student friend Min, who is leaving to go to school, to take over his tutoring job to Park Da-hye, who Min plans to date once he returns to Seoul and she herself is in university. The Parks are a wealthy family who for four years have lived in their modernistic house designed by and the former residence of famed architect Namgoong. While Mr. and Mrs. Park ...
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