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Filter: Studio » Ciclic - Région Centre
Year: 2016
Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Horror
Rating: (7)
Country: France / Belgium / Italy
Runtime: 99 min.
Director: Julia Ducournau
Studio: Ciclic - Région Centre
Cast: Garance Marillier / Ella Rumpf / Rabah Nait Oufella / Laurent Lucas / Joana Preiss / Bouli Lanners / Thomas Mustin / Jean-Louis Sbille / Sophie Breyer / Marion Vernoux / Marouan Iddoub / Benjamin Boutboul / Virgil Leclaire / Anna Solomin / Danel Utegenova
Raised as a rigorous vegetarian, doe-eyed freshman, Justine, is sent off to the reputable Saint-Exupéry Veterinary school, where the black sheep of the family, her big sister, Alexia, is already studying. There, as she leaves the familial shelter, Justine abruptly moves into a mad new world of strange school traditions and vicious initiation tests, and before long, she will have to chew over her unshakable herbivorous beliefs. More and more, as Justine is descending deep into her uncharted animalistic tendencies, an unprecedented and equally unquenched craving for raw meat will replace her repulsion, transforming her into something she would have never expected. But, now that Justine's corporeal awakening is finally complete, is there a point denying her hunger?
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