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Girl in Progress
Year: 2012
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Rating: (5.6)
Country: USA
Runtime: 0 min.
Director: Patricia Riggen
Studio: Pantelion Films
Cast: Eva Mendes / Matthew Modine / Cierra Ramirez / Patricia Arquette / Eugenio Derbez / Raini Rodriguez / Russell Peters / Landon Liboiron / Brenna O'Brien / Ana Maria Estrada / Kendall Cross / Dana Michael Woods / Robin Douglas / Jocelyne Loewen / Blu Mankuma
Ansiedad has always hated the fact that her mom Grace was never mature or responsible. After getting used to taking care of her mom instead of the other way around Ansiedad decides to become an adult in every way possible. With that in mind she creates an outrageous list of all the things she needs to accomplish in order to become an adult. This coming of age story shows that growing up is never as easy as it seems and that the best thing to do is stay put.
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