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7-beon-bang-ui seon-mul
Year: 2013
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Rating: (8.2)
Country: South Korea
Runtime: 127 min.
Director: Hwan-kyung Lee
Studio: Next Entertainment World
Cast: Seung-ryong Ryu / Dal-su Oh / Won-Sang Park / Shin-Hye Park / Yi-jin Han / Jae-yoon Jo / Jin-young Jung / So Won Kal / Man-sik Jeong / Jeong-tae Kim / Ro-Woon Choi / Heon Tae Jeon / Deok-hyeon Jo / Han-bi Jung / Jae-Min Jung
A story about the love between a mentally-ill father and his lovingly adorable daughter. Wrongfully accused of murder and rape, Yong-Goo is imprisoned for murder, and builds friendships with the hardened criminals in his cell, who in return help him see his daughter again by smuggling her into the prison.
Geu-dae-leul sa-rang-hab-ni-da
Year: 2011
Genre: Drama / Romance
Rating: (7.4)
Country: South Korea
Runtime: 0 min.
Director: Chang-min Choo
Studio: Next Entertainment World
Cast: Soon-jae Lee / Jae-ho Song / Dal-su Oh / Ji-Hyo Song / Bi-bi Kim / Joon-hyuk Lee / Jae-yoon Jo / So-jeong Yun / Su-mi Kim / Sang-Hun Lee / Nam-Hee Park / Hyun Joong Kang / Chae-eun Lee / Soo-yeong Kang / Hae-yeon Kim
"Late Blossom" follows the lives of two couples who live in the same neighborhood. Kim Man-Suk (Lee Soon-Jae) delivers milk on a motorbike at dawn. He curses a lot, but actually has a warm heart. One day when he goes up a slope, he meets Ms. Song (Yun So-Jeong) - a lonely woman who works hards by collecting and selling scrap paper. Man-Suk feels something special toward Ms. Song. Jang Kun-Bong (Song Jae-Ho) works in a parking lot. Jang Kun-Bong has a wife (Kim Soo-Mi) who suffers from Alzheimer's. He works from dawn until late at night. After work he comes home and takes care of his wife.
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