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Before I Fall
Year: 2017
Genre: Drama / Fantasy / Mystery
Rating: (6.4)
Country: USA
Runtime: 98 min.
Director: Ry Russo-Young
Studio: Open Road Films
Cast: Zoey Deutch / Halston Sage / Logan Miller / Kian Lawley / Elena Kampouris / Cynthy Wu / Medalion Rahimi / Erica Tremblay / Liv Hewson / Diego Boneta / Jennifer Beals / Nicholas Lea / Chelsea Gill / Roan Curtis / Claire Margaret Corlett
What if you had only one day to change absolutely everything? Samantha Kingston has it all: the perfect friends, the perfect guy, and a seemingly perfect future. Then, everything changes. After one fateful night, Sam wakes up with no future at all. Trapped reliving the same day over and over she begins to question just how perfect her life really was. And as she begins to untangle the mystery of a life suddenly derailed, she must also unwind the secrets of the people closest to her, and discover the power of a single day to make a difference, not just in her own life, but in the lives of those around her - before she runs out of time for good.
Fifty Shades of Black
Year: 2016
Genre: Comedy
Rating: (3.5)
Country: USA
Runtime: 92 min.
Director: Michael Tiddes
Studio: Open Road Films
Cast: Marlon Wayans / Kali Hawk / Fred Willard / Mike Epps / Affion Crockett / Jane Seymour / Florence Henderson / Andrew Bachelor / Jenny Zigrino / Kate Miner / Irene Choi / Russell Peters / Chaunte Wayans / Sydney Castillo / D.C. Ervin
Christian Black introduces shy college student Hannah Steale to the world of "romance" after she interviews him for her school newspaper. Their kinky relationship stumbles forward despite Christian's shortcomings as a lover and the antics of his racist adoptive mother Claire, his well-endowed brother Eli and Hannah's hyper-sexual roommate Kateesha..
Year: 2013
Genre: Biography / Drama
Rating: (5.9)
Country: USA / Switzerland
Runtime: 128 min.
Director: Joshua Michael Stern
Studio: Open Road Films
Cast: Ashton Kutcher / Dermot Mulroney / Josh Gad / Lukas Haas / Matthew Modine / J.K. Simmons / Lesley Ann Warren / Ron Eldard / Ahna O'Reilly / Victor Rasuk / John Getz / Kevin Dunn / James Woods / Nelson Franklin / Eddie Hassell
The film opens in 2001 with a middle-aged Steve Jobs (Ashton Kutcher) introducing the iPod at an Apple Town Hall meeting.[6] It then flashes back to Reed College in 1974. Jobs had already dropped out due to the high expense of tuition, but was still attending classes with the approval of Dean Jack Dudman (James Woods) who took him under his wing. Jobs is particularly interested in a course on calligraphy. He meets up with his friend Daniel Kottke (Lukas Haas) who is excited to see that Jobs is holding a copy of Be Here Now by Baba Ram Dass. Influenced by this book and his experiences with LSD, Jobs and Kottke spend time in India. Two years later, Jobs is back in Los Altos, California living at home with his adoptive parents Paul (John Getz) and Clara (Lesley Ann Warren). He is working for Atari and develops a partnership with his friend Steve Wozniak (Josh Gad) after he sees that Wozniak has built a personal computer (the Apple I). They name their new company Apple Computer, though ...
Killer Elite
Year: 2011
Genre: Action / Thriller
Rating: (6.4)
Country: UK / Australia
Runtime: 116 min.
Director: Gary McKendry
Studio: Open Road Films
Cast: Jason Statham / Clive Owen / Robert De Niro / Dominic Purcell / Aden Young / Yvonne Strahovski / Ben Mendelsohn / Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje / David Whiteley / Matt Nable / Lachy Hulme / Firass Dirani / Nick Tate / Bille Brown / Stewart Morritt
Loosely based on a true story, Killer Elite pits two of the worlds' most elite operatives - Danny, a ruthless killer-for-hire (Jason Statham) and Hunter, his longtime mentor (Robert De Niro) - against the cunning leader of a secret society of former Special Air Service operatives('Clive Owen'). Covering the globe from Australia to Paris, London and the Middle East, Danny and Hunter are plunged into a highly dangerous game of revenge and deception - where things are not always what they appear to be.
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