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Filter: Studio » CP Medien AG
Year: 2002
Genre: Comedy / Family / Sci-Fi
Rating: (3.7)
Country: UK / Germany
Runtime: 87 min.
Director: Peter Hewitt
Studio: CP Medien AG
Cast: Simon Callow / Stephen Fry / Celia Imrie / Paul Giamatti / Ned Beatty / Rupert Grint / Bronagh Gallagher / Victor McGuire / Adam Godley / Leslie Phillips / Robert Hardy / Bruce Cook / John Higgins / Lillie Crossley / Sam Davies
Patrick Smash (11) was born with two stomachs, and hence the uncontrollable 'talent' to produce ungodly farts. This soon drives his own dad away and makes his social life hell. His only friend is classmate Alan A. Allen, a prodigy genius, who has no sense of smell. Even Alan's invention Thunderpants, which renders Patrick's farts harmless, can't make his space travel dream realistic. However after the invention of an adaptation which turns it into flying fuel, Alan is recruited by the US space center. Patrick becomes word class tenor Sir John Osgood's secret high C farter. Their reunion is even more incredible.
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