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Silver Bullet
Year: 1985
Genre: Horror
Rating: (6.4)
Country: USA / Netherlands
Runtime: 95 min.
Director: Daniel Attias
Studio: International Film Corporation (II)
Cast: Gary Busey / Everett McGill / Corey Haim / Megan Follows / Robin Groves / Leon Russom / Terry O'Quinn / Bill Smitrovich / Joe Wright / Kent Broadhurst / Lawrence Tierney / William Newman / Heather Simmons / James A. Baffico / Rebecca Fleming
The small town of Tarker's Mills was a place that was very peaceful, where nothing extraordinary ever happened until one night when murders began. The townspeople believe it's some maniacal killer on the loose whom they intend to hunt down. Marty, a young handicapped boy, believes the killer is no man at all, but a werewolf. After a run-in with the werewolf, Marty and his sister Jane hunt all over town for the man who is the werewolf.
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