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The Counselor
Year: 2013
Genre: Crime / Drama / Thriller
Rating: (5.3)
Country: UK / USA
Runtime: 117 min.
Director: Ridley Scott
Studio: Translux
Cast: Michael Fassbender / Penélope Cruz / Cameron Diaz / Javier Bardem / Daniel Holguín / Chris Obi / Bruno Ganz / Richard Cabral / Brad Pitt / Dar Dash / Rosie Perez / Alex Hafner / Cesar Aguirre / Provence Maydew / Paris Jefferson
A rich and successful lawyer, the Counselor, is about to get married to his fiancée but soon becomes entangled in a complex drug plot with a middle-man known as Westray. The plan ends up taking a horrible twist and he must protect himself and his soon to be bride as the truth of the drug business is uncovered and targets are eliminated.
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