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Meres tou '36
Year: 1972
Genre: Drama / History
Rating: (6.9)
Country: Greece
Runtime: 105 min.
Director: Theodoros Angelopoulos
Studio: Papalios Productions
Cast: Vangelis Kazan / Thanos Grammenos / Giorgos Kyritsis / Christoforos Nezer / Toula Stathopoulou / Christos Kalavrouzos / Vasilis Tsaglos / Giannis Kandilas / Kostas Pavlou / Petros Zarkadis / Petros Hoedas / Takis Doukatos / Alekos Boubis / Giorgos Tzifos / Kaiti Ibrohori
It is 1936 in Greece, shortly before the Metaxas' dictatorship. A former drug trafficker and police informer, Sofianos, is in prison because of the assassination of a trade unionist during a rally. A conservative politician, Kriezis, with whom Sofianos had a homosexual relationship, visits him in prison. Using a smuggled gun Sofianos manages to take him hostage in his cell and blackmails the police in order to be released. The government is at a dead end and the country finds itself in a crisis. If they free Kriezis, they will lose the support of the democrats, if they don't, they will lose the support of the conservatives. Being incapable of dealing with the situation, the government decide to kill Sofianos. First, they attempt clumsily to poison him and then they hire a sniper to shoot him.
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