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Varan the Unbelievable
Year: 1962
Genre: Horror / Sci-Fi
Rating: (4.9)
Country: Japan / USA
Runtime: 70 min.
Director: Jerry A. Baerwitz
Studio: Cory Film Corporation
Cast: Myron Healey / Derick Shimatsu / Tsuruko Kobayashi / Clifford Kawada / Kôzô Nomura / Ayumi Sonoda / Fumindo Matsuo / Hiroshi Hisasume / Yoneo Iguchi / Hideo Inamura / Roy K. Ogata / George Sasaki / Michael Sung / Yoshio Tsuchiya / Akio Kusama
In an effort to find an economic means of purifying salt water, a joint U.S.-Japanese military command is set up on an isolated Japanese island where an unusual salt water lake is situated. However, their purifying experiments arouse the prehistoric monster Obaki from hibernation at the lake's bottom, and it proceeds to attack Japan.
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