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Die unendliche Geschichte
Year: 1984
Genre: Adventure / Drama / Family / Fantasy
Rating: (7.4)
Country: West Germany
Runtime: 102 min.
Director: Wolfgang Petersen
Set: The Neverending Story Collection
Studio: Constantin Film
Cast: Barret Oliver / Gerald McRaney / Thomas Hill / Deep Roy / Tilo Prückner / Moses Gunn / Noah Hathaway / Sydney Bromley / Tami Stronach / Chris Eastman / Darryl Cooksey / Nicholas Gilbert / Patricia Hayes
Bastian is a young boy who lives a dreary life being tormented by school bullies. On one such occasion he escapes into a book shop where the old proprieter reveals an ancient story-book to him, which he is warned can be dangerous. Shortly after, he "borrows" the book and begins to read it in the school attic where he is drawn into the mythical land of Fantasia, which desperately needs a hero to save it from destruction.
Die unendliche Geschichte III: Rettung aus Phantasien
Year: 1994
Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Family / Fantasy
Rating: (3.2)
Country: Germany / USA
Runtime: 95 min.
Director: Peter MacDonald
Set: The Neverending Story Collection
Studio: Studio Babelsberg
Cast: Jason James Richter / Melody Kay / Jack Black / Ryan Bollman / Freddie Jones / Julie Cox / Tony Robinson / Tracey Ellis / Kevin McNulty / Nicole Parker / Adrien Dorval / Carole Finn / Moya Brady / Thomas Petruo / Kaefan Shaw
Bastian's wish for a sibling comes true when his father remarries, but he's soon having trouble with new stepsister Nicole and with a gang of school bullies, The Nasties. Hiding in the school library, Bastian finds his favorite book, THE NEVERENDING STORY. Later it's found by the gang's leader Slip, who recognizes the book's power and starts to form Fantasia after his bad intentions. When the chaos worsens, the Child-like Empress requests Bastian to move back to the real world, get the book back, and save Fantasia. Some Fantasia characters accidentally travel with him into reality and get lost in different places. Meanwhile, Slip and the other Nasties spread anarchy. Finally, Bastian gets support from Nicole, who begins to believe in the power of Fantasia.
The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter
Year: 1990
Genre: Adventure / Drama / Family / Fantasy
Rating: (5.2)
Country: Germany / USA
Runtime: 90 min.
Director: George Miller
Set: The Neverending Story Collection
Studio: Dieter Geissler Filmproduktion
Cast: Jonathan Brandis / John Wesley Shipp / Martin Umbach / Alexandra Johnes / Thomas Hill / Claudio Maniscalco / Kenny Morrison / Clarissa Burt / Helena Michell / Christopher Burton / Patricia Fugger / Birge Schade / Andreas Borcherding / Ralf Weikinger / Colin Gilder
Once again, Bastian is transported to the world of Fantasia which he recently managed to save from destruction. However, the land is now being destroyed by an evil sorceress, Xayide, so he must join up with Atreyu and face the Emptiness once more.
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