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Sometimes They Come Back
Year: 1991
Genre: Drama / Horror / Thriller
Rating: (5.8)
Country: USA
Runtime: 97 min.
Director: Tom McLoughlin
Set: Sometimes They Come Back Collection
Cast: Tim Matheson / Brooke Adams / Robert Rusler / Chris Demetral / Robert Hy Gorman / William Sanderson / Nicholas Sadler / Matt Nolan / Tasia Valenza / Chadd Nyerges / Bentley Mitchum / T. Max Graham / William Kuhlke / Duncan McLeod / Nancy McLoughlin
Desperate for a job to help him support his family, Jim Norman takes a position teaching high school in the town where his brother was murdered in front of him by teenage bullies twenty-seven years before. The teens who committed the crime are long dead, but now the kids in Jim's new class keep dying and being replaced by new students who look like the deceased hoodlums.
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