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King Kong
Year: 1976
Genre: Adventure / Horror
Rating: (5.9)
Country: USA
Runtime: 134 min.
Director: John Guillermin
Set: King Kong (Remake) Collection
Studio: Dino De Laurentiis Company
Cast: Jeff Bridges / Charles Grodin / Jessica Lange / John Randolph / Rene Auberjonois / Julius Harris / Jack O'Halloran / Dennis Fimple / Ed Lauter / Jorge Moreno / Mario Gallo / John Lone / Garry Walberg / John Agar / Keny Long
When a research ship is sent to explore an island thought to be rich in oil, paleontologist Jack Prescott sneaks aboard, having heard strange rumors about the island. En route, the crew rescues Dwan, the sole survivor of a shipwreck. When they arrive, they find native people living in fear of a monster called Kong. The natives kidnap Dwan and sacrifice her to what turns out to be an enormous ape. Dwan is eventually rescued, and the ape captured for a gala exhibit.
King Kong Lives
Year: 1986
Genre: Action / Adventure
Rating: (3.9)
Country: USA
Runtime: 105 min.
Director: John Guillermin
Set: King Kong (Remake) Collection
Studio: De Laurentiis Entertainment Group (DEG)
Cast: Peter Elliott / Brian Kerwin / Linda Hamilton / John Ashton / Peter Michael Goetz / Debbie McLeod / George Antoni / Frank Maraden / Alan Sader / Lou Criscuolo / Marc Clement / Richard Rhodes / Larry Souder / Ted Prichard / Jayne Gray
A giant ape King Kong, which was shot and fell off the World Trade Center tower, appears to be alive, but is in coma for 10 years and desperately needs a blood transfusion in order to have an artificial heart implanted. Suddenly, in the rainforest, another gigantic ape is found - this time a female. She is brought to the USA, and the heart is successfully implanted. But then King Kong, having sensed the female ape, breaks loose.
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