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Obsluhoval jsem anglického krále
Year: 2006
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance / War
Rating: (7.4)
Country: Czech Republic / Slovakia
Runtime: 113 min.
Director: Jirí Menzel
Studio: AQS
Cast: Ivan Barnev / Oldrich Kaiser / Julia Jentsch / Marián Labuda / Milan Lasica / Zuzana Fialová / Martin Huba / Josef Abrhám / Jirí Lábus / Rudolf Hrusínský / Pavel Nový / Jaromír Dulava / Petra Hrebícková / Eva Kalcovská / Sárka Petruzelová
Czechoslovakia, 1963. Jan Díte is released from prison after serving 15 years. He goes into semi exile in a deserted village near the German border. In flashbacks, he tells his story: he's a small, clever and quick-witted young man, stubbornly naïve, a vendor at a train station. Thanks to a patron, he becomes a waiter at upscale hotels and restaurants. We see him discover how the wealthy tick and how to please women. He strives to be a millionaire with his own hotel. Before the war, he meets Líza, a German woman in Prague. Is this his ticket to wealth or his undoing? Meanwhile, we see Jan putting a life together after prison: why was he sentenced, and who will he become?
The Last Legion
Year: 2007
Genre: Action / Adventure / War
Rating: (5.4)
Country: UK / France / Slovakia / Tunisia / Italy / Bulgaria
Runtime: 101 min.
Director: Doug Lefler
Studio: Dino De Laurentiis Company
Cast: Colin Firth / Ben Kingsley / Aishwarya Rai Bachchan / Peter Mullan / Kevin McKidd / John Hannah / Iain Glen / Thomas Brodie-Sangster / Rupert Friend / Nonso Anozie / Owen Teale / Alexander Siddig / Robert Pugh / James Cosmo / Harry Van Gorkum
Circa 460 A.D. Mira was born in a warrior-family in Kerala, India, was well versed in martial arts and self-defense, so much so that she was recruited by the Spanish royalty and re-located to Constantinople. From there she was instructed to assist Roman Commander Aurelius to plan the escape of 12-year old Romulus Augustus Caesar from a prison in Capri after his parents had been killed by the leader of the Alliance in turmoil-stricken Rome that has seen the deaths of five emperors in five years. Mira, Aurelius, and a Priest, Ambrosinius, along with a handful of loyal soldiers were successful in the escape plan and deliver Romulus to Roman Senator Nestor. What the crew do not realize is that their task is not over yet, for Nestor is all set to betray Romulus, leaving them with no alternative but to flee to Britannia, where they will be forced to confront a seemingly invincible Vortygn, whose main aim is to obtain a powerful sword that was meant for defense and defeat, and also ensure ...
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