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Afti i nyhta menei
Year: 2000
Genre: Drama / Music / Romance
Rating: (7)
Country: Greece / Cyprus
Runtime: 0 min.
Director: Nikos Panayotopoulos
Studio: Greek Film Centre
Cast: Fotini Baxevani / Nikos Kouris / Athina Maximou / Zoe Nalbanti / Kostas Markopoulos / Thanasis Viskadourakis / Giannis Rozakis / George Dialegmenos / Thanos Alexandris / Akis / Nikos Alatzas / Thanasis Anagnostopoulos / Thomais Androutsou / Giannis Astrakakis / George Bakolas
Stella is a beautiful young girl who dreams of becoming one day a famous singer. Her boyfriend Andreas leads a quiet life working at his small store, and doesn't approve Stella's quest for fame. When she decides to leave Athens for a singing job offered to her somewhere in north Greece, Andreas sets off on a quest to find her again and convince her to come back to him.
Imerologia katastromatos - Giorgos Seferis
Year: 2001
Genre: Documentary
Rating: (7.7)
Country: Greece / Cyprus
Runtime: 0 min.
Director: Stelios Charalampopoulos
Studio: Cyprus Film Advisory Board
Cast: Dimitris Katalifos
A journey through the poetry of Giorgos Seferis and the discovery of his way of thinking and living.
Psyhi vathia
Year: 2009
Genre: Drama / War
Rating: (7.1)
Country: Greece / Cyprus
Runtime: 142 min.
Director: Pantelis Voulgaris
Studio: Greek Film Centre
Cast: Vangelis Mourikis / Giorgos Symeonidis / Victoria Haralabidou / Kostas Kleftogiannis / Ioulios Tziatas / Giorgos Tzortzis / Klea Samanta / Vasilis Nanakis / Alexandra Kazazou / Ian Robertson / Christos Karteris / Yorgos Angelkos / Anna Partsani / Giannis Adrimis / Stefanos Aggelis
During the 1946-49 Greek Civil War, young brothers Anestis and Vlassis are recruited by opposing sides. Anestis joins the National Army while Vlassis becomes a soldier in the Democratic Army. Fighting in the countryside they grew up in, the boys become increasingly fanatical as the war progresses.
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