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Daimajin gyakushû
Year: 1966
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: (6.3)
Country: Japan
Runtime: 79 min.
Director: Kazuo Mori
Set: Daimajin Collection
Studio: Daiei Motion Picture Co., Ltd.
Cast: Hideki Ninomiya / Shinji Hori / Masahide Iizuka / Muneyuki Nagatomo / Junichiro Yamashita / Tôru Abe / Takashi Nakamura / Hiroshi Nawa / Tanie Kitabayashi / Chikara Hashimoto / Yûzô Hayakawa / Yukio Horikita / Manabu Morita
An evil warlord invades a peaceful lakeside village during one of their annual festivals. In the course of burning down buildings, executing helpless civilians and generally looting and pillaging, the warlord's men blow up the statue of the village god and sink the pieces deep in the lake. Everything looks hopeless for the people of the village until a strange force from beneath the water's surface begins pulling enemy soldiers to their deaths. Has the local come back for its revenge?
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