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A Better Life
Year: 2011
Genre: Drama / Romance
Rating: (7.2)
Country: USA
Runtime: 0 min.
Director: Chris Weitz
Studio: McLaughlin Films
Cast: Demián Bichir / Eddie 'Piolin' Sotelo / Joaquín Cosio / José Julián / Nancy Lenehan / Gabriel Chavarria / Bobby Soto / Chelsea Rendon / Trampas Thompson / Tim Griffin / Valorie Hubbard / Dolores Heredia / Isabella Rae Thomas / Carlos Linares / Robert Peters
Carlos Galindo is a decent man, a Mexican single parent working as a gardener in California to raise Luis, his fourteen-year-old son, whom Carlos is frightened will drift into local gang culture. Carlos buys a truck for his work with money loaned by his sister but a shifty new employee steals it from him and, though Carlos and Luis track the thief down, he has sold the truck. Father and son bond as they reclaim the vehicle from the pound but Carlos attracts police attention, making his future in America uncertain when it is discovered that he is an illegal immigrant.
Quantum of Solace
Year: 2008
Genre: Action / Adventure / Thriller
Rating: (6.6)
Country: UK / USA
Runtime: 106 min.
Director: Marc Forster
Set: James Bond Collection
Studio: Eon Productions
Cast: Daniel Craig / Olga Kurylenko / Mathieu Amalric / Judi Dench / Giancarlo Giannini / Gemma Arterton / Jeffrey Wright / David Harbour / Jesper Christensen / Anatole Taubman / Rory Kinnear / Tim Pigott-Smith / Joaquín Cosio / Fernando Guillén Cuervo / Jesús Ochoa
Is there solace in revenge? James Bond (Daniel Craig) and M (Dame Judi Dench) sniff a shadowy international network of power and corruption reaping billions. As Bond pursues the agents of an assassination attempt on M, all roads lead to Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric), a world-renowned developer of green technology. Greene, a nasty piece of work, is intent on securing a barren area of Bolivia in exchange for assisting a strongman stage a coup there. The C.I.A. looks the other way, and only Bond, with help from a retired spy and from a mysterious beauty, stands in Greene's way. M wonders if she can trust Bond, or if vengeance possesses him. Beyond that, can anyone drawn to Bond live to tell the tale?
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