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Filter: Actor » Aly Mourad
Year: 2010
Genre: Drama
Rating: (7.5)
Country: Egypt
Runtime: 100 min.
Director: Mohamed Diab
Studio: New Century Productions
Cast: Nelly Karim / Bushra / Maged El-Kidwani / Bassem Samra / Nahed El Sebaï / Ahmad El-Fishawi / Sawsan Badr / Omar El Saeed / Yara Gubran / Marwa Mahran / Motaz El Demerdash / Fify El Sebaay / Aly Mourad / Mohammed Aly Rizk / Ibrahim Salah
In the bustling streets of Cairo, overflowed with people hurrying to their work, life advances in hectic rhythms. Traffic congestion, noise and buses crammed with men and women--this is usual for a big city on its way to progress. But, underneath this cloak of normality, a particular type of crime thrives in the small-scale world of public transportation--so subtle and elusive to the untrained eye--that seems, practically, nonexistent. Women of all ages, regardless of their attire, are sexually objectified and abused on a daily basis, silently tolerating the perverted needs of male passengers. Under those circumstances, how can a woman defend herself from their assaults; shield herself against the anguish and the shame of the repeated harassment, when a nation's male population remains untouched by this obscenity?
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