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21 Years: Quentin Tarantino
Year: 2019
Genre: Documentary
Rating: (7.3)
Country: USA
Runtime: 100 min.
Director: Tara Wood
Studio: Wood Entertainment
Cast: Zoë Bell / Louis Black / Bruce Dern / Robert Forster / Jamie Foxx / Richard N. Gladstein / Samuel L. Jackson / Jennifer Jason Leigh / Diane Kruger / Lucy Liu / Michael Madsen / Eli Roth / Tim Roth / Kurt Russell / Stacey Sher
A documentary that focuses on the first 21 years of Quentin Tarantino's career and includes interviews with his frequent collaborators.
Jackie Brown
Year: 1997
Genre: Crime / Drama / Thriller
Rating: (7.5)
Country: USA
Runtime: 154 min.
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Studio: Miramax
Cast: Pam Grier / Samuel L. Jackson / Robert Forster / Bridget Fonda / Michael Keaton / Robert De Niro / Michael Bowen / Chris Tucker / LisaGay Hamilton / Tommy 'Tiny' Lister / Hattie Winston / Sid Haig / Aimee Graham / Tangie Ambrose / Ellis Williams
The middle-aged stewardess Jackie Brown smuggles money from Mexico to Los Angeles for the arms dealer Ordell Robbie. When she gets caught by the agents Ray Nicolet and Mark Dargus with ten thousand dollars and cocaine in her purse, they propose a deal to her to help them to arrest Ordell in exchange of her freedom. Meanwhile Ordell asks the 56-year-old Max Cherry, who runs a bail bond business, to release Jackie Brown with the intention of eliminating her. Jackie suspects of Ordell's intention and plots a complicated confidence game with Max to steal half a million dollars from Ordell.
The Confirmation
Year: 2016
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Rating: (6.4)
Country: Canada
Runtime: 101 min.
Director: Bob Nelson
Studio: Lighthouse Pictures
Cast: Clive Owen / Maria Bello / Jaeden Martell / Stephen Tobolowsky / Glenn Beck / Spencer Drever / Tim Blake Nelson / Patrick Gilmore / John Stewart / Dean Wray / Tom Pickett / Robert Forster / Luvia Petersen / Eliza Faria / Mel Tuck
Eight year old Anthony is somewhat uneasy about spending the weekend with his alcoholic, down-on-his-luck carpenter dad Walt while his mom Bonnie and her new husband Kyle go to a Catholic retreat together. Walt is just as uneasy about spending time with Anthony, especially since their first day together is a series of characteristically unfortunate events, including his truck breaking down, his landlord locking him out of the house, and the theft of his toolbox, which he needs for an upcoming job. As Walt and Anthony set about finding the guy who stole the tools and improvise around their other misfortunes, they begin to discover a true connection with each other, causing Walt to become a better father and Anthony to reveal the promise and potential of the good man he will become.
The Trial
Year: 2010
Genre: Drama / Mystery
Rating: (5.6)
Country: USA
Runtime: 101 min.
Director: Gary Wheeler
Studio: Whitlow Films
Cast: Robert Forster / Matthew Modine / Bob Gunton / Nikki Deloach / Rance Howard / Clare Carey / Randy Wayne / Larry Bagby / Burgess Jenkins / Jason Burkey / Brett Rice / Danny Vinson / David Dwyer / R. Keith Harris / Brian Lafontaine
After the horrific death of his wife and two sons, suicide seems to be the only escape for small-town attorney Kent "Mac" McClain... until he's assigned a capital punishment case that begins to transform his life and those around him forever.
Thick as Thieves
Year: 2009
Genre: Action / Crime / Thriller
Rating: (6)
Country: USA / Germany
Runtime: 104 min.
Director: Mimi Leder
Studio: Equity Pictures Medienfonds GmbH & Co. KG IV
Cast: Rade Serbedzija / Morgan Freeman / Robert Forster / Corey Johnson / Antonio Banderas / Charles Venn / Atanas Srebrev / Tom Hardy / Mariana Stansheva / Gerrit Vooren / Darrell Las Quevas / Ivan Petrushinov / Victor Boichev / Nickolay Hadjiminev / Stefan Shterev
In New York, the experienced art thief, Keith Ripley, invites the bold thief from Miami, Gabriel Martin, to team up with him. He plans the heist of two valuable mysterious antique Faberge eggs, located in a safe, of the well protected Russian jewelry Romanov. Each egg is worth twenty million dollars on the black market, and Ripley needs his cut to free himself from his debt to a powerful mobster, known as Nicky. The reluctant Gabriel agrees to participate, after having a one night stand with Ripley's goddaughter Alexandra Karolin. Meanwhile, the persistent Lieutenant Weber, who has unsuccessfully tried to put Ripley in jail for twenty years, figures out how to anticipate the movements of the criminal in order to catch him.
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