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Filter: Actor » Ernest Clark
Year: 1956
Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi
Rating: (7)
Country: UK
Runtime: 90 min.
Director: Michael Anderson
Studio: Holiday Film Productions Ltd.
Cast: Edmond O'Brien / Michael Redgrave / Jan Sterling / David Kossoff / Mervyn Johns / Donald Pleasence / Ernest Clark / Patrick Allen / Ronan O'Casey / Michael Ripper / Ewen Solon / Kenneth Griffith / Carol Wolveridge
In a futuristic, state-run society controlled by "Big Brother" in which love is outlawed, employee of the state Winston Smith falls for Julia, and is tortured and brainwashed for his crime.
Beau Brummell
Year: 1954
Genre: Biography / Drama / History
Rating: (6.4)
Country: UK / USA
Runtime: 113 min.
Director: Curtis Bernhardt
Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Cast: Stewart Granger / Elizabeth Taylor / Peter Ustinov / Robert Morley / James Donald / James Hayter / Rosemary Harris / Paul Rogers / Noel Willman / Peter Dyneley / Charles Carson / Ernest Clark / Peter Bull / Mark Dignam / Desmond Roberts
In eighteenth century England, Captain George Bryan "Beau" Brummell is an upper-class dandy. He has to leave the Army after having insulted the Prince of Wales. This gives him the opportunity to start a smear campaign against the Prince. The Prince, who is tired of all of the yes-men around him, hires him as his chief advisor.
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