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8 ½ Women
Year: 1999
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Rating: (5.8)
Country: UK / Netherlands / Luxembourg / Germany
Runtime: 118 min.
Director: Peter Greenaway
Studio: Delux Productions
Cast: John Standing / Matthew Delamere / Vivian Wu / Annie Shizuka Inoh / Barbara Sarafian / Toni Collette / Amanda Plummer / Natacha Amal / Polly Walker / Elizabeth Berrington / Don Warrington / Claire Johnston / Kirina Mano / Manna Fujiwara / Myriam Muller
After his wife dies, fifty-five-year-old businessman Philip Emmenthal (Sir John Standing), at the prompting of his playboy son Storey (Matthew Delamere), populates his Geneva villa with eight and a half concubines. Three are from Kyoto, Japan, where Storey manages Pachinco palaces. Each has a distinctive personality: a nun, a child bearer, a gambler, a student of Kabuki, a horsewoman with a pet pig, and a maid. Philip throws off his strait-laced and repressed attitudes, immersing himself in pleasure. After about a year, the women begin to assert their own power. Side adventures pre-figure the household's break-up, and the women depart in one way or another, one at at time. Philip's fate is in the hands of Palmira (Polly Walker), his favorite.
Year: 2012
Genre: Drama
Rating: (5.7)
Country: Netherlands / Spain
Runtime: 80 min.
Director: Sacha Polak
Studio: Jaleo Films
Cast: Hannah Hoekstra / Hans Dagelet / Rifka Lodeizen / Eva Duijvestein / Barbara Sarafian / Maarten Heijmans / Erwin Bozzolini / Mark Rietman / Ward Weemhoff / Ali Ben Horsting / Abdullah el Baoudi / Elske Rotteveel / Ferry Asselbergs
During her nightly escapades Hemel searches for the difference between sex and love. Sometimes she leads, sometimes the men with whom she sleeps. The most important person in Hemel's life is Gijs, her father, who works in an auction house. After the early passing of her mother Hemel grew up with him alone. Just like Hemel, Gijs is restless and isn't committed to anyone except for his daughter. This changes when Gijs falls in love with the young auctioneer Sophie.
Year: 2011
Genre: Crime / Drama
Rating: (7.4)
Country: Belgium / Netherlands
Runtime: 129 min.
Director: Michaël R. Roskam
Studio: Waterland Film
Cast: Matthias Schoenaerts / Jeroen Perceval / Jeanne Dandoy / Barbara Sarafian / Tibo Vandenborre / Frank Lammers / Sam Louwyck / David Murgia / Robin Valvekens / Baudouin Wolwertz / Erico Salamone / Philippe Grand'Henry / Kris Cuppens / Sofie Sente / Kristof Renson
Sint-Truiden, Belgium. The young Limburg cattle farmer Jacky Vanmarsenille (Matthias Schoenaerts), is approached by an unscrupulous veterinarian to make a shady deal with a notorious West-Flemish beef trader. But the assassination of a federal policeman, and an unexpected confrontation with a mysterious secret from Jacky's past, set in motion a chain of events with far-reaching consequences. BULLHEAD is an exciting tragedy about fate, lost innocence and friendship, about crime and punishment, but also about conflicting desires and the irreversibility of a man's destiny.
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