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A Return to Salem's Lot
Year: 1987
Genre: Comedy / Horror / Thriller
Rating: (4.4)
Country: USA
Runtime: 101 min.
Director: Larry Cohen
Studio: Larco Productions
Cast: Michael Moriarty / Samuel Fuller / Andrew Duggan / Evelyn Keyes / Jill Gatsby / June Havoc / Ronee Blakley / James Dixon / Tara Reid / Brad Rijn / Ricky Addison Reed / David Holbrook / Katja Crosby / Janelle Webb / Robert Burr
Joe Weber is an anthropologist who takes his son on a trip to the New England town of Salem's Lot unaware that it is populated by vampires. When the inhabitants reveal their secret, they ask Joe to write a bible for them.
Creepshow 2
Year: 1987
Genre: Fantasy / Horror
Rating: (6.1)
Country: USA
Runtime: 92 min.
Director: Michael Gornick
Set: Creepshow Collection
Studio: New World Pictures
Cast: Tom Savini / George Kennedy / Dorothy Lamour / Holt McCallany / Don Harvey / Dan Kamin / Dean Smith / Domenick John / Philip Dore / Maltby Napoleon / Tyrone Tonto / Frank Salsedo / David Holbrook / Shirley Sonderegger / Paul Satterfield
"Creepshow 2" is divided into three stories, conducted by a leading segment where a boy that loves the horror comic book Creepshow buys seeds of carnivorous plant and is bullied by four teenagers. Meanwhile the Creep tells the tales of Creepshow: (1) "Old Chief Wood'nhead" - The elders Ray (George Kennedy) and Martha Spruce (Dorothy Lamour) have lived their whole life and raised their family with their small store in an Arizona town. Now the town is economically decadent and Ray gives credit to his costumers including the Indians of Ben Whitemoon's tribe. When Ray is repairing the wooden statue of an old chief in the front door, Ben (Frank Salsedo) arrives and asks him to keep the jewels of his tribe as a guarantee for their debts. However, Ben's nephew Sam (Holt McCallany) unexpectedly arrives with two other punks to steal Ray, and he kills the elders. They expect to travel to Hollywood, but the Old Chief Wood'nhead will not let them go. (2) "The Raft" - The teenagers Deke (Paul ...
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