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The Fifth Element
Year: 1997
Genre: Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi
Rating: (7.7)
Country: France
Runtime: 126 min.
Director: Luc Besson
Studio: Columbia Pictures
Cast: Bruce Willis / Gary Oldman / Ian Holm / Milla Jovovich / Chris Tucker / Luke Perry / Brion James / Tommy 'Tiny' Lister / Lee Evans / Charlie Creed-Miles / Tricky / John Neville / John Bluthal / Mathieu Kassovitz / Christopher Fairbank
In the twenty-third century, the universe is threatened by evil. The only hope for mankind is the Fifth Element, who comes to Earth every five thousand years to protect the humans with four stones of the four elements: fire, water, Earth and air. A Mondoshawan spacecraft is bringing The Fifth Element back to Earth but it is destroyed by the evil Mangalores. However, a team of scientists use the DNA of the remains of the Fifth Element to rebuild the perfect being called Leeloo. She escapes from the laboratory and stumbles upon the taxi driver and former elite commando Major Korben Dallas that helps her to escape from the police. Leeloo tells him that she must meet Father Vito Cornelius to accomplish her mission. Meanwhile, the Evil uses the greedy and cruel Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg and a team of mercenary Mangalores to retrieve the stones and avoid the protection of Leeloo. But the skilled Korben Dallas has fallen in love with Leeloo and decides to help her to retrieve the stones.
The Return of the Pink Panther
Year: 1975
Genre: Comedy / Crime / Mystery
Rating: (7.1)
Country: UK / USA
Runtime: 113 min.
Director: Blake Edwards
Set: The Pink Panther (Original) Collection
Studio: United Artists
Cast: Peter Sellers / Christopher Plummer / Catherine Schell / Herbert Lom / Peter Arne / Peter Jeffrey / Grégoire Aslan / David Lodge / Graham Stark / Eric Pohlmann / Burt Kwouk / Victor Spinetti / John Bluthal / Mike Grady / André Maranne
That famous jewel, The Pink Panther, has once again been stolen and Inspector Clouseau is called in to catch the thief. The Inspector is convinced that 'The Phantom' has returned and utilises all of his resources - himself and his oriental manservant - to reveal the true identity of 'The Phantom'.
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