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Het meisje met het rode haar
Year: 1981
Genre: Crime / Drama / Thriller / War
Rating: (6.8)
Country: Netherlands
Runtime: 109 min.
Director: Ben Verbong
Cast: Renée Soutendijk / Johan Leysen / Chris Lomme / Lou Landré / Peter Tuinman / Loes Luca / Robert Delhez / Ada Bouwman / Lineke Rijxman / Maria de Booy / Henk Rigters / Adrian Brine / Jan Retèl / Elsje Scherjon / Hennie van den Akker
Johanna 'Hannie' Schaft tells, in flash-backs, how she decides during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, to interrupt law studies to 'do something for real'. She joins the Dutch resistance, which uses her in missions to 'eliminate' collaborators. Even her parents may not know. Tough colleague Hugo initially looks down upon her girlish hesitations, but they fall in love. A failed attempt to shoot SD-informant de Ruyter puts the Germans on their trace.
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