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2001 Yonggary
Year: 1999
Genre: Action / Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Rating: (2.6)
Country: South Korea
Runtime: 99 min.
Director: Hyung-rae Shim
Studio: Zero Nine Entertainment
Cast: Richard Livingston / Harrison Young / Brad Sergi / Wiley M. Pickett / Dan Cashman / Matthew Perniciaro / Matt Landers / D.J. Robbins / Donna Philipson / William Hankins / Eric Briant Wells / Julie Kessler / Wilborn Monroe Kilpatrick Jr. / Dennis Howard / Johanna Parker
A team of scientists working on a remote dig site find the buried body of an enormous monster, perfectly preserved even after 200 million years. As soon as the beast is uncovered, however, an alien spacecraft suddenly appears above them and brings the monster back to life! The creature immediately sets about levelling the surrounding urban landscape and shrugging off the best firepower the military can throw at it. A lone scientist, working on decrypting an ancient set of hieroglyphics, may be on the verge of finding the aliens' weak point, but will it be too late?
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