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Filter: Actor » Panos Skouroliakos
Year: 2004
Genre: Comedy / Music
Rating: (6.5)
Country: Greece
Runtime: 0 min.
Director: Stavros Tsiolis
Studio: Greek Film Centre
Cast: Giannis Zouganelis / Pavlos Kontoyannidis / Tamilla Koulieva / Hristos Tsagas / Makis Kontizas / Kostas Bekos / Dimitris Bekos / Nikos Bekos / Valantis Bekos / Nikos Soutas / Constantina / Panos Skouroliakos / Argyris Bakirtzis / Petros Spentzos / Dimitris Lambrou
The night club "the River" situated in the small Greek city Livadeia is looking for a music group to perform there for a few nights. Many different musicians come from all over Greece and many funny incidents take place among them.
Year: 2017
Genre: Biography
Rating: (6.2)
Country: Greece / France
Runtime: 120 min.
Director: Yannis Smaragdis
Studio: Alexandros Film
Cast: Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos / Marina Kalogirou / Thodoris Atheridis / Nikos Kardonis / Argyris Xafis / Youlika Skafida / Maria Skoula / Zeta Douka / Takis Papamattheou / Olga Damani / Anthoula Katsimatides / Amalia Arseni / Panos Skouroliakos / Alexandros Kollatos / Ersi Malikenzou
The film-biography is a tribute to the Great Awakening Writer NIKOS KAZANTZAKIS. The ecumenical writer Nikos Kazantzakis said that his life is defined by his travels and dreams. These tracks were followed by the film. The presence of the Greek spirit, which represents great ideals, is intense. Freedom, power, creation, strong friendships, dynamic spirit. All of these elements make up a heartfelt sensation that will make you feel human, feel free. "I hope nothing, I fear nothing, I am free." Nikon Kazantzakis
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