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La chambre verte
Year: 1978
Genre: Drama
Rating: (7)
Country: France
Runtime: 94 min.
Director: François Truffaut
Studio: Les Films du Carrosse
Cast: François Truffaut / Nathalie Baye / Jean Dasté / Antoine Vitez / Nathan Miller / Marcel Berbert / Patrick Maléon / Jeanne Lobre / Jean-Pierre Moulin / Serge Rousseau / Jean-Pierre Ducos / Annie Miller / Marie-Jaoul de Poncheville / Monique Dury / Laurence Ragon
A French little town, at the end of the twenties. Julien Davenne is a journalist whose wife Julie died a decade ago. He gathered in the green room all Julie's objects. When a fire destroys the room, he renovates a little chapel and devotes it to Julie and his other dead persons.
L'homme qui aimait les femmes
Year: 1977
Genre: Comedy / Drama / Romance
Rating: (7.4)
Country: France
Runtime: 120 min.
Director: François Truffaut
Studio: Les Films du Carrosse
Cast: Charles Denner / Brigitte Fossey / Nelly Borgeaud / Geneviève Fontanel / Leslie Caron / Nathalie Baye / Jean Dasté / Sabine Glaser / Valérie Bonnier / Henri Agel / Chantal Balussou / Nella Barbier / Anne Bataille / Martine Chassaing / Ghylaine Dumas
Bertrand Morane's burial is attended by all the women the forty-year-old engineer loved. We then flash back to Bertrand's life and love affairs, told by himself while writing an autobiographical novel. A film about romantic relationships, the need to charm, and the literary creation.
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