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Dead Ringers
Year: 1988
Genre: Drama / Horror / Thriller
Rating: (7.3)
Country: Canada
Runtime: 116 min.
Director: David Cronenberg
Studio: Morgan Creek Productions
Cast: Jeremy Irons / Geneviève Bujold / Heidi von Palleske / Barbara Gordon / Shirley Douglas / Stephen Lack / Nick Nichols / Lynne Cormack / Damir Andrei / Miriam Newhouse / David Hughes / Richard W. Farrell / Warren Davis / Jonathan Haley / Nicholas Haley
The Mantle brothers are both doctors - both gynecologists - and identical twins. Mentally however, one of them is more confident than the other, and always manages to seduce the women he meets. When he's tired of his current partner, she is passed on to the other brother - without her knowing. Everything runs smoothly, until an actress visits their clinic, and the shy brother is the first to fall in love. Will they be able to 'share' her ?
Die Hard
Year: 1988
Genre: Action / Thriller
Rating: (8.2)
Country: USA
Runtime: 132 min.
Director: John McTiernan
Set: Die Hard Collection
Studio: Gordon Company
Cast: Bruce Willis / Bonnie Bedelia / Reginald VelJohnson / Paul Gleason / De'voreaux White / William Atherton / Hart Bochner / James Shigeta / Alan Rickman / Alexander Godunov / Andreas Wisniewski / Clarence Gilyard Jr. / Lorenzo Caccialanza / Bruno Doyon / Joey Plewa
NYPD cop John McClane goes on a Christmas vacation to visit his wife Holly in Los Angeles where she works for the Nakatomi Corporation. While they are at the Nakatomi headquarters for a Christmas party, a group of robbers led by Hans Gruber take control of the building and hold everyone hostage, with the exception of John, while they plan to perform a lucrative heist. Unable to escape and with no immediate police response, John is forced to take matters into his own hands.
Drowning by Numbers
Year: 1988
Genre: Comedy / Drama
Rating: (7.2)
Country: UK / Netherlands
Runtime: 118 min.
Director: Peter Greenaway
Studio: Film Four International
Cast: Joan Plowright / Juliet Stevenson / Joely Richardson / Bernard Hill / Jason Edwards / Bryan Pringle / Trevor Cooper / David Morrissey / Kenny Ireland / Michael Percival / Janine Duvitski / John Rogan / Paul Mooney / Jane Gurnett / Joanna Dickens
Tired of her husband's philandering ways, the mother of two daughters drowns her husband. With the reluctant help of the local coroner, the murder is covered up. Her daughters are having similar problems with relationships, and tend to follow their mother's example, and the coroner becomes reluctantly involved in their murders as well. As the plot progresses, visual and spoken numbers appear in the scenes, counting from one to one hundred.
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