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Daimajin ikaru
Year: 1966
Genre: Drama / Fantasy
Rating: (6.4)
Country: Japan
Runtime: 79 min.
Director: Kenji Misumi
Set: Daimajin Collection
Studio: Daiei Motion Picture Co., Ltd.
Cast: Shiho Fujimura / Jutarô Kitashiro / Kôjirô Hongô / Tarô Marui / Takashi Kanda / Kôji Fujiyama / Yûji Hamada / Chikara Hashimoto / Sei Hiraizumi / Yoshitaka Itô / Kiyokazu Kagatsume / Hyôsuke Kanbe / Keiko Koyanagi / Hideo Kuroki / Tsuyotake Matsuda
After conquering a village, an evil warlord sets his sights on another by the lakeside. He kidnaps village local Katsushige Nakoshi (Kôichi Uenoyama) and offers an ultimatum to the villagers to hand over one of their protectors, Lord Juro (Kôjirô Hongô), in exchange for the release of Katsushige. But, Lord Juro and the brave people defy the evil doers and decide to fight for their freedom and their homeland themselves. When their sacrifices seem in vain, they pray to their stone god to awaken and fight for them.
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