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Filter: Studio » Kim Ki Duk Film
Year: 2004
Genre: Crime / Drama / Romance
Rating: (8)
Country: South Korea / Japan
Runtime: 88 min.
Director: Kim Ki-duk
Studio: Kim Ki Duk Film
Cast: Seung-Yun Lee / Hee Jae / Hyuk-ho Kwon / Jin-mo Joo / Jeong-ho Choi / Ju-seok Lee / Mi-suk Lee / Sung-hyuk Moon / Ji-a Park / Jae-yong Jang / Dah-hae Lee / Han Kim / Se-jin Park / Dong-jin Park / Jong-Seob Lee
Tae-suk (Hee Jae) is a lonely drifter who spends his nights in one empty vacation home after another. However, Tae-suk is not your usual squatter, as the courteous young man always makes sure to show his absent -- and unknowing -- hosts his gratitude by doing small household tasks or making simple improvements before moving on. One day, Tae-suk mistakes a quiet home for an empty one and stumbles across an abused housewife (Seung-yeon Lee) in urgent need of his intervention.
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